e Diary from Donald


Our Singapore team was so touched by our brothers and sisters from Hong Kong welcoming us at the airport. They came with a huge long banner. We felt so loved. They were already here since very early morning to receive other team members from another country.


After we have checked in at Caritas Lodge where we put up a night before heading to the Youth Village, Fr. Yan came to meet us. We are so happy to meet Fr. Yan. Then, he brought all of us to a short tour inside St Theresa's Church with is just next to the place we stayed.

At the Youth Village, there are so many of us coming from different parts of the world. We gather to practice some action song movements. Its so nice to see everyone putting their best effort and practice together.

At the direction of Fr. Yan, we prayed, asking for the Holy Spirit to lead us, to empower us and give us the spiritual zeal to complete the entire 4 day EV Missionary Journey. We raised our hands and feel the "Wind" in tandem.

Myself Donald, Caroline (extreme right), Suzy (next to Caroline) and Evelyn (extreme left), we are from Team Singapore. Participants are requested to bring along their flags of their respective country and it will be displayed at the EV Concert with a march in at Queen Elizabeth's stadium where the concert would be held. We are proud to be members of FOJP.

Here is the team from East Malaysia, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. FOJP went to KK for our EV Missionary Journey in the year 2012. This time, most the youths we met in KK were here with us. How nice! Look at all their joyful faces despite insufficient sleep.

At the rehearsal venue, we are so happy to have met many friends from KK. The feeling for me is like we have known each other for many years. In fact we got to know each other in year 2012 during our EV Missionary Journey there. Look at Louis at the back, and let us guess ... is he drunk striking a kung-fu posture or is he filled with the Holy Spirit?

Friends in Christ forever! What a reunion. Our long time FOJP buddies Martina Lee from Toronto, Canada (extreme right), Alfred Kwan from Auckland, New Zealand (next to Victoria) and Victoria from Vancouver, Canada (extreme left) whom we have done EVs together in the early years of 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. So happy to see everyone well, happy and still remain strong in our faith. All of us have matured and Martina was married already.


We are so happy to see Fr. Zhang (second from right) joining us FOJP at our reunion EV Missionary Journey. We met Fr. Zhang in Rome when we had our EV Missionary Journey back in the year 2011. I remembered he even treated us to a sumptuous Chinese Buffet lunch. Its so touching to see Fr. Zhang recently posted to Milan, Italy, putting his hands to work and help prepare entrance gifts for the EV Concert, which is on the next day.

This photo is taken after the EV Concert the next day at the Youth Village. This is also the last day of the Missionary Journey and camp. We are going to miss one another again. But we are still hopeful and looking forward to meet again for the next EV Missionary Journey.

We all looked so tired and sleepy. Also partly due to the extreme cold weather about 5 to 6 degrees celcius in temperature for the past 4 days, insufficient sleep and all our energy put in during the EV Concert rehearsals and the concert itself. We were all drained out but we are joyful and still somehow playful. Look at all of them ... pretending to fall into deep sleep. Maybe a signal to end the camp sooner? Hello organizer ... did you read our signals?

On 31st December after our EV Missionary camp at the Youth Village has ended, we returned to Caritas Lodge where we put up for another 2 nights. The Hong Kong team organized a New Year Countdown and Get- Together party and games at the parish hall of St Theresa's Church. It was also the birthday of Fr. Zhang and another sister of ours. We surprised them with birthday cakes. With only 1 candle each on their cakes, how old are they? Well, you make a guess.