e Diary from Victoria


At the end of 2013, the Friends of Jesus Passover's 15th Reunion Missionary Journey was very fruitful.

There were lots of moments of joy, laughter, smiles and tears.


Many things were shared among old friends and new that made this reunion very special.

We rehearsed together at the camp to get ready for the EV concert.

We shared our faith at the EV concert with Catholics and non-Catholics in Hong Kong, hoping that the non-Catholics will one day become part of our big family.

The EV concert brought many people lots of joy.

During the four day camp, we shared a lot through Prayer Gathering, Youth Gathering, Mass, the EV Concert and also through many other small group discussions. The camp brought FOJP closer together and we were all touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

May God bless all the missionaries around the world and may He utilize this opportunity, so that one day, the little children of today will become evangelizers of tomorrow, spreading the good news of love and joy to others.