10 Dec 2004 - Ho Chi Minh City 2004年12月10日 胡志明巿

Early at 3am, we packed our bags and headed for KL airport. Our plane to Vietnam will take off at 8am.
凌晨三時, 我們就收拾好行李, 起程回去吉隆坡機場, 乘搭早上8時的班機前往越南

Though it was very early in the morning, KL youths came to say farewell with special gifts.
雖然是清晨, 吉隆坡的青年仍熱情地來給我們送行, 還送上很有心思的禮物

We arrived Ho Chi Minh airport at 9am. When Father Yan cleared custom, he gave a big hug to a man we thought he was Father Wong. Actually, he is Father Wong's little brother.
早上9時多我們就抵達胡志明市的機場, 一出來恩神父就擁抱一位貌似王神父的人,
以為他就是王神父, 怎知道原來是王神父的弟弟

Once we settled in the hotel, we have a briefing on today's itinerary.
回到住宿的酒店收拾好後, 我們就簡單地介紹今日的行程

We were supposed to visit an elderly home this afternoon. They excused us as foreigners' visit required prior application. However, our presents could be forwarded to them.
下午我們本來打算探訪一家老人院, 但是, 他們以外國人探訪要事先申請為由, 婉拒了我們, 不過我們還是留下一些禮物給他們

At evening, we arrived our prayer assembly location. We had dinner in the kindergarten next to St Francis Church.
晚上, 我們來到一會會舉行祈禱集會的聖方濟各教堂旁邊的幼稚園吃晚飯

Tonight's dinner has strong local favor. Stuffing snail, Vietnam fried chicken, purple sticky rice, French bread with beef pot.
今日的晚餐都非常有當地特色: 釀田螺, 越南燒雞, 紫糯米飯和法國麵包加牛腩煲


After dinner, we started our prayer gathering in St Francis Church. Through songs, we prayed with the local Church community.
晚餐後, 我們在聖方濟各教堂舉行祈禱集會, 透過歌曲和教友們一起祈禱

Before ending, we had 15 minutes adoration of the blessed sacrament.
結束前, 我們進行了15分鐘的朝拜聖體

We returned to hotel and continued our production meeting.
晚上回去之後, 我們又繼續舉行製作會議



Something Special

Stalker Edwin

At the last bench in St Francis Church, there recorded on a pledge
how the late Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem was caught here and killed later.
在聖方濟各教堂的最後一排長椅, 記載著一段文字,

While waiting in the elderly home, Carlos and Hin Hin played this IQ game.
在老人院等候的時候, Carlos和Hin Hin玩了一個IQ 遊戲