11 Dec 2004 - Ho Chi Minh City 2004年12月11日 胡志明巿

Today's bible sharing, we discussed about praying, Alfred said praying was not predefined, it was like a dialog between father and son.

今天的聖經分享我們討論了關於祈禱, Alfred認為祈禱不需要太刻意, 應該像父子對話一樣。

After bible sharing, we all went to enjoy fresh beef(ball) rice noodles. They were very delicious.

聖經分享之後我們一起去吃生滾牛肉/牛丸越南河粉, 真的真的美味非常。

After breakfast, we went to a elderly home 30km away from downtown. They were having lunch when we arrived. We sang Talitha Koum for them.

早餐過後, 我們去到離開市區30公里的古芝的一家老人院探訪, 剛好他們在午餐, 我們即席為他們獻唱了Talitha Koum。

They gave us warm welcome. An old lady sang Christmas songs for us and
kept on blessing Father Yan while he left.
這裡的老人家都很熱情, 更有一位婆婆為我們高唱聖誕歌, 離開時還一直祝福恩神父。

We went to an AIDS caring center nearby. The kids there were very active. Before we left the place, we prayed for those died of AIDS.
之後我們去到鄰近的愛滋病護理院探訪, 這裡的小孩都很活潑。 離開前我們一起為死於愛滋病的人祈禱。

Then we visited the adjoining caring center for handicapped children.
We played with those lovely kids with joy.
接著我們去到旁邊的殘疾兒童護理院, 大家與天真活潑的小孩子玩得樂而忘返。

On our way back, we did not have time for lunch. Local parishes prepared us fresh pitaya. With the fruit, we sang till we reach Ho Chi Minh city.

回程的路途上, 因為我們沒有時間吃午餐, 所以當地教友特別為我們準備了新鮮的火龍果。
潤喉之後, 大家一直唱歌直至回到胡志明市。


We visited Vietnam Cardinal in his house. He introduced us the local Church today.
He showed us a painting by AIDS patient about his home country scenery.
回到市區後我們首先到主教府拜訪越南的樞機主教, 他為我們介紹了越南教會的現況,
又為展示了一幅由愛滋病人繪畫, 他家鄉風景的油畫。

He took photo with us and said farewell to us.
最後我們與樞機合照, 他還友善地給我們送行。


There is a 200 years old chapel next to the Bishop house.


We visited Queen of Peace Church. They placed their ancestors' ash there.
The parish priest gave us each a Vietnam grass hat and souvenir.
接下來我們又拜訪了很有特色和平之后天主堂, 這裡有地方讓教友擺放先人的骨灰。


We went to a restaurant serving genuine Vietnam food for dinner.
Maybe because we did not have lunch, or in fact the food was so good, we ate a lot.
晚餐我們到一家正宗越南餐廳吃地道的食品, 也許因為沒有吃午餐,
大家都很開胃, 加上食物都很美味, 大家都吃個不亦樂乎


After dinner, we had a youth gathering in St Francis Church's hall. They were all devoted to the gathering.
晚餐後我們回到聖方濟各堂的禮堂舉行青年聚會, 這裡的青少年都玩得非常投入

At the end, we prayed together.


During the gathering, Father Yan asked who would like to help on tomorrow EV concert.
Almost all youths would join. We divided them into front stage team and back stage team.
Front stage team has singing rehearsal and back stage team has production meeting.
青年聚會的時候, 神父即場問誰想幫助明天的佈道會工作,




Something special

The elderly home we visited today had some cute puppies.


Do you find anything wrong with this picture?
Matthew has grown up.

Dressed in pair and same pose.