13 Dec 2004 - Vung Tau 2004年12月13日 頭 頓

We have breakfast on our way to Vung Tau in the morning.

Our first stop is St Mary's Mount. Today is a sunny day. The sky is so beautiful.
我們在頭頓的第一站是聖母山, 今日的天氣很好, 天色非常美麗

Fr Yan decided to follow the Way of the Cross as we discovered a cross station on our way uphill.
上山的路上有耶穌苦路的雕塑, 恩神父馬上決定我們一起拜苦路。

We have lunch in a restaurant nearby. We can enjoy our food and the sea view.
然後我們在附近的餐廳吃午飯, 我們一邊欣賞海景, 一邊吃飯


It is sun set when we arrive at the Mount of Jesus.

We climb up more than 800 steps to get to the big statue of Jesus. It is a pity that the entrance is closed when we get there.
這裡上山的梯級總共有八百多級, 可惜當我們上到山時, 耶穌像已經關門

Still we can enjoy the view of Vung Tau city. We have sharing under the statue of Jesus.
As it grows dark, we decide to go back to Ho Chi Minh City to continue the sharing.
不過我們仍然欣賞到了頭頓市的景色, 又在耶穌像下作了分享,
不過因為天色漸暗, 我們最後還是決定先回胡志明市再繼續分享

We buy some light meal from the street and eat on the cars.
我們在頭頓市買了一些輕便的食物, 在回程的車上吃晚餐

We continue the sharing when we are back to hotel.
回到住宿的酒店, 我們再繼續分享



Something Special:

Our camera-woman, Joan merges in the background scenry to form a painting.
我們的Camera-woman Joan, 與背景混成一幅畫

Men In Black spy

More suspicious persons.