02 Dec 2004 - Perth - Kuala Lumpur 2004年12月2日 柏斯、吉隆坡

After a tiring night, FOJP got up a bit late today.
The weather was warm.
經過昨晚的辛勞, 這天我們可以多睡少許,


In the morning, we shot at Lake Monger. Lake Monger is famous of back swans. Take a break from the busy shooting, Fr Yan made friends with the birds.
早上我們先來到Lake Monger作拍攝, 這裡以黑天鵝聞名,
連恩神父也忙裡偷閒, 與雀鳥打成一遍



We shot for the MV of our theme song, "It begins with Him".
We became more and more energetic. We ran, jumped and climbed trees!
在這裡我們為今年的主題歌曲「由祂開始」拍攝Music Video,
大家更越拍越活力充沛, 又跑又跳又爬樹。


Then we went to Scarborough Beach. It faced the Indian Ocean and the scene was so beautiful.
What a pity that we were in great hurries that we only shot there for ten minutes.
之後我們來到Scarborough Beach, 這裡面臨印度洋, 景色怡人
可惜時間緊迫, 衹能在這裡作十分鐘的拍攝



At noon, FOJP hurried to the airport. Not only the Chinese Catholics farewell us. Some youths of the Indonesian Group, whom preformed in the concert last night, also see us off at the airport. They asked us to hold EV concert in Indonesian on our next journey.
We wanted to stay but we had to leave for Kuala Lumpur.
中午, 我們趕到機場, 除了當地教友之外, 昨晚與我們一起演出的印尼團體的青年也到來熱情地歡送我們,更約定下次要去印尼作福傳佈道會。

最後大家懷著依依不捨的心情, 起程前往吉隆坡



After flying for four hours, FOJP arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport at around 10pm.
The local community welcome us.
Augustine, Mimi, Ann and Venita from United States, and Donald from Singapore.
All met together at KL airport.
經過4個多小時的航程, 我們在10時多到達吉隆坡機場,
而從美國過來的Augustine, Mimi, Ann和Venita,


We stayed in a pastoral centre. We had a short meeting once we got there. Then we took a rest.
到達住宿的牧民中心即舉行簡短的會報, 之後大家才各自休息




Something special!

On the way to Perth airport, we took a short nap.
在前往柏斯機場途中, 大家把握時間小作休息