03 Dec 2004 - Kuala Lumpur 2004年12月3 日 吉隆坡

In the morning, Carlos led the bible sharing.
We talked about the differences between unity and unify.

Then FOJP divided into two teams. One set off to visit an elderly home.
Another team started the production meeting.
The KL team was a large and active one. They printed some simple and nice pamphlets.
之後我們開始製作會議, 另一隊人則準備起程前往探訪。
吉隆坡的製作隊伍非常龐大, 而且很樂於參與,

A team of FOJP visited a hostel for single old ladies.

The old ladies here showed good response and were happy to join us. Fr Yan sang an Italian love song for them.
這裡的老人家反應都很熱烈, 樂於與我們打成一遍, 恩神父更即席唱了一首意大利情歌

Some old ladies liked to talk with us very much and told us their stories.
他們當中很多也很健談, 滔滔不絕地與我們分享他們的故事


Then we arrived at the National Monument. What a sunny and very hot day! We were all sweating.
之後我們來到和平紀念碑拍攝, 今天的天氣非常好, 也非常的炎熱, 讓我們都汗流浹背


After noon, we went to China Town. We shot in the Temple of Kwan and the Indian Temple.
中午之後我們來到唐人街, 分別在關帝廟和印度教的寺廟拍攝


Finally, we went to the famous Twin Towers.


FOJP were now very familiar with the local youth.
We kept chatting during dinner.
晚餐的時候, FOJP都已經和當地的青年打成一遍,
互相交流, 聊過不停



We and the local youth held a prayer meeting at 7pm.
晚上7點, 我們和當地青年一起舉行祈禱晚會

"I am an eagle, not a chick." Fr Yan asked young people not to be eagles who pretended to be chicks.
"I am 麻鷹, not a 雞仔." 呼籲青年人, 不要做扮成雞仔的麻鷹。

At the end we prayed together and sang "the Spirit of God"
最後我們一起祈禱, 高唱「風隨意向哪裡輕吹」



After the prayer meeting, we continued with production meeting and rehearsal in high spirit.



Something special!

A team of FOJP had yummy chicken rice for lunch before visiting the elderly home. They were so blessed!
中午前往探訪的一隊人一起去吃海南雞飯, 實在太幸福了!!!

At night, we stayed in pastoral centre and had spicy hot food for dinner.

Three little kids!