05 Dec 2004 - Kuala Lumpur - Malacca 2004年12月5日 吉隆坡 - 馬六甲

Bible sharing is always the first thing of the day.
This morning FOJP read Phil 2:12-16. Carlos shared with us that we need to work out salvation, not to work for salvation.
這次說到裴理伯書第2章12至16節, Carlos
和我們分享了「得救 (salvation)」是要work out的,
而不是work for的。


This is St Anthony's Church, just next to the pastoral centre where we stayed.

We then went to Holy Rosary Church for Sunday Mass. Althought we got on taxi, we did not commuicate well with the drivers. 12 of us were delivered to the Catherdral. FOJP wandered on the street of KL, did not know where to go. Fortunately, we were able to contact the local team and they kindly drove us to Holy Rosary Church.
分享之後我們分別起程前往舉行主日彌撒的Holy Rosary Church,
我們其中12人雖然成功搭上了的士, 卻因為和司機溝通不良, 被帶到了主教座堂去,
上演了一幕吉隆坡街頭流浪記, 幸好最後還是和local team聯絡上, 得他們不辭勞苦開車前來接送我們過去。


This really is Holy Rosary Church. Fr Yan encouraged us to change ourselves in the homily. He said only "truth" could bring real joy and peace.
這才是真正的Holy Rosary Church, 恩神父講道中說到, 要肯提起勇氣改變,

Fr Yan and Law Lan were surrounded by the Catholics there. We took a group photo at the end.
彌撒之後, 恩神父和羅蘭姐被一眾熱情的教友包圍, 場面好不熱鬧, 最後一起合照。


We only had very little time to prepare for the youth gathering in the afternoon. We prayed before lunch.
彌撒之後我們衹有很短的時間準備下午的青年聚會, 午餐的時候大家一起祈禱

At the beginning of the youth gathering, 5 pretty ladies of FOJP led an action song. Everyone participated actively.
青年聚會一開始, 先由FOJP的五位佳麗帶領Action Song, 大家都熱情投入。

We played a game about life. Those who owned the most money or most slaves were not winners, non those got rescued. Only those received salvation and spread the news to others were the real winners of the game.
之後我們一起玩了一個人生遊戲, 賺錢賺得最多或是擁有最多奴隸的都不是勝利者,
單純得到拯救的人也不是, 衹有得到拯救而又有把拯救的事傳揚出去的才是真正的勝利者。

Then the local youth shared with us songs composed by themselves.
We used the bible verse: "Peace is what I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you." as lyrics and composed some nice music pieces in a short while.
之後我們又以「我把平安留給你們, 我將我的平安賜給你們」為詞,
各自創作新的歌曲, 短短的時間之內, 大家就已經寫成多首美麗的樂章。

We then played a drama with open end, all were involved with enthusism.
之後我們為一個Open Ending的短劇分組創作結局, 大家都熱情投入。


FOJP left KL in the evening. We went to our next stop by cars. It took us 2 hours to arrive at Melaka.
黃昏的時候我們起程離開吉隆坡, 經過兩小時的車程, 便到達我們的下一站: 馬六甲

After settling down, workers of stage and performance got to know the local team and made conversation.
晚上我們安置下來之後, Stage和Performence方面的工作人員先坐下來互相認識和溝通。



Something Special:
花 絮:

We were lost! What should we do?

Three little kids.

Darling + Baby

Fr Yan is enjoying his chicken rice.

This dog has fair hair.

A noodle stock in Melaka.