06 Dec 2004 - Malacca 2004年12月6日 馬六甲

Morning was the time for Paul's Letter to Philippians. Edwin shared with us his feeling to his father.
早上 菲律賓人 裴理伯人書的時間, Edwin和我們分享了他對他父親的感受。

Good Shepherd Seminary was the place we stayed.
這就是我們留宿修院 Good Shepherd Seminary

After breakfast, we set off for Malacca, following the steps of St Francis Xavier. We arrived at Malacca yesterday, Dec 5. This was the same date that St Francis Xavier first came to Malacca 500 years ago. It seems to be a sign that we have to continue his work of evangelization.
早餐之後我們起程前往馬六甲的朝聖旅, 追尋聖方濟各沙勿略過去的蹤跡。
說起來真巧合, 話說我們昨天到達馬六甲的日子(12月5日),
正是500年前St. Francis Xavier首次踏足馬六甲的紀念日,



The first place we visited was St. Francis Xavier Church. We prayed and sang there.
我們首先來到St. Francis Xavier Church, 並在聖堂內祈禱及頌唱

Then we went to the former political and economical centre of Malacca. We prayed at a cross that memorized St. Francis Xavier leaving Malacca for China
其後我們來到以前馬六甲的政治及經濟中心地區, 並在聖方濟各沙勿略當年離開馬六甲起程前往中國的十字架遺跡一起祈禱

We then went to the place where St. Francis Xavier body was buried for a short period, more than 400 years ago. For years, Fr Yan wished to celebrate a mass here, and it has now come true.
也完了恩神父其中一個多年的心願: 在聖方濟各沙勿略的墳墓遺址前舉行了一場彌撒。


A local newspaper reporter interviewed Fr Yan after mass. Fr Yan made a good chance to promote tomorrow's EV concert.
彌撒之後恩神父更被當地一家報紙的記者訪問, 當然神父不會錯過機會宣傳明天的佈道會。

We had some very special chicken rice ball for lunch.


We got back to the Seminary and held a production meeting. Then some of use prepared for the concert while others prepared for the prayer meeting.
回去之後舉行了一次製作會議, 然後分頭準備佈道會和祈禱聚會


This was first meal in Malaysia with no spicy and chilli food.


In the evening, we organized a prayer meeting with candle light in the chapel of the seminary. We prayed together for tomorrow's EV concert.
晚上我們在修院的小聖堂舉行燭光祈禱晚會, 為明天的佈道會一起祈禱。


We continued our production meeting and rehearsals after the prayer meeting.



Something Special:
花 絮:

Near the memorial place of St Francis Xavier, there was a man singing on the street. We sang with him a famous song of Teresa Tang.

There was a small shop opposite to the restuarant where we had lunch.
They sold Ah Lok's T-shirt. (Ah Lok - our camera man)

Look at Alfred's new friend!