08 Dec 2004 - Malacca Retreat 2004年12月8日 馬六甲避靜

We gather at a small church after breakfast and start our 2-days retreat.
早餐之後, 我們在小聖堂集合, 開始為期兩天的避靜。

Then we play a game about life and fight for the virtuals in life.
之後我們玩了一個生命遊戲, 為人生中各種美德奮鬥。

We should fast today and eat some simple food, but our beloved Uncle and Auntie Sia prepare a lot of of good food for our lunch.
本來今天應該一起守齋, 衹吃簡單的食物, 可是親切的Uncle & Auntie Sia還是為我們準備了豐富的午餐。


We have the Way of the Cross in the seminary area in the afternoon.

After the Way of the Cross, Fr Yan explained the relationship between the eucharist and missionary journey so that we can prepare the mass at night.
拜苦路之後恩神父講解聖體聖事與福傳的關係, 以準備今晚的彌撒。


We start going into the church with the "walk of faith"; we use fire to seal our promise with God.
我們以一個信心之行(walk of faith)進入小聖堂開始彌撒, 其間我們一起用火獻祭了我們與天主之間的承諾。




Something Special:
花 絮:

Before we start our retreat, we do some morning exercises.
早上還沒正式開始避靜的時候, 大家在一邊做早操

The result of our life game.

The dogs inside and outside the seminary.

Even it is fasting, we still have difference desserts and fruits to choose.
雖然是守齋, 可是仍有幾種糖水和生果任君選擇

We have a football match after dinner.