09 Dec 2004 - Malacca 2004年12月9日 馬六甲

Venita leads us to do the morning exercise early in the morning.

Then, we continue our time for the "Philippians". We also have the sharing and discussion on the evangelical journey of St Francis Xaiver.
然後我們繼續今天的裴利伯人書時間, 還就當年聖方濟各沙勿略的福傳作了分享和討論

During breakfast, the local catholics bring us the newspaper and there are 5 local newspapers reporting this event braodly.
早餐時當地教友帶來今日的報紙, 有五份當地的報章都大幅報道佈道會的盛況

We visit a traditional Malaysian family during noon time. They have prepared a traditional Malaysian lunch for us, so we follow the Malaysian traditional and use our hands to take our lunch.
中午時候我們到了一個傳統馬來西亞的家庭探訪, 他們還為我們準備了地道的馬來西亞餐, 大家都入鄉隨俗, 用手吃飯

Of course, we take the chance to interview the host.

After lunch, we visit the host - the St Teresa's Church. We pray together with Fr Wong and the Catholics there. They even laminate the newspaper cuttings and give them to us.
午餐後我們拜訪了主辦今次佈道會的聖德肋撒堂, 還與他們的主任司鐸王神父和教友一起祈禱,

We then go to visit the Catholic village and the St Paul's Church, where miracle had been found.


We share our feelings and experience at night till 11 pm.
晚上我們分享了在馬來西亞的感受和經驗, 一直到晚上11時多



Something Special:
花 絮:

Since Ah Lok has to go back to Hong Kong tomorrow,
we celebrate his birthday earlier.
因為Ah Lok明天就要先回香港,

A frog passer-by.