12 Dec 2004 - Ho Chi Minh City EV Concert 2004年12月10日 胡志明巿福傳音樂會

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Today is very sunny. We arrive at St Francis' Church early in the morning and attend mass at 7am.
今天的天氣很好, 我們一早就到聖方濟各堂參與七時正的彌撒。

Fr Yan celebrates the mass. FOJP and the choir sing together during mass.
彌撒由恩神父主祭, 而FOJP就和歌詠團一起為彌撒唱詠

After mass, the local catholics invite us to have rice noodles and Vietnam coffee at the parish food store.

We meet the students of Sunday School after breakfast. They sing "Is a small small world" for us.
早餐之後我們與主日學的小朋友聚會, 他們更為我們表演了一曲「世界真細小」。

Then we start our sharing on Philippians. The theme is witness.
聚會之後我們才開始今天的裴理伯人書時間, 今日的主題是見證。


Today's EV concert will be held at the 3rd floor of Francis Activity Centre, just next to the church.

We spend the whole day preparing the concert.
Although the rehearsal is not smooth, we believe that the Holy Spirit will lead us.
我們整天都為晚上的佈道會作準備, 雖然綵排時不盡順利, 可是我們都相信聖神會帶領我們。

We pray together before the concert.


It is almost 7pm, everyone is ready.
時間差不多到七點, 所有人都已經準備就緒。



The local team prepare light meal for the audiences. It is like a fair.
Local Team為參與的觀眾準備了簡單的晚餐, 氣氛就像嘉年華會。

At 7pm, the audiences enter into the venue. The venue provides 400 seats but the number of audiences is more than 500. Many audiences do not have a seat. 510 booklets all handed out and still not enough.
到接近晚上7點, 觀眾魚貫進場。
根據負責接待的工作人員估計, 因為印刷了510份的場刊不夠派發,
所以猜測人數超過這個數字, 遠比本來場地可容納400人的更多,



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