Dec 4, 2004 - KL EV Concert 2004年12月4日 吉隆坡佈道會

Early morning, FOJP had the bible sharing immediately after getting up. We shared about the natures of Christ: humility, mercy, obedience etc. Fr Yan explained the meaning of a Greek word "Kenosis".
早上大家一早起床便馬上聖經分享, 我們談論了關於基督的本性, 包括謙遜、憐憫和服從等, 而恩神父又給我們解釋了希臘文中"Kenosis"的意義。


After breakfast, the visiting team visited a Muslim family.
Knowing that we shared the same belief on Peace.
早餐過後, 我們的訪問隊伍前往探訪一個回教家庭,


The remaining members made good use of the time. They arrived at the rally venue, Dewan San Choon at around 9am. Everyone worked hard for the preparation of rally in the evening.
採訪隊之外的其他人, 也爭取時間, 9點多就到達今日佈道會的會場 "Dewan San Choon",
為佈道會作音響和燈光等各項預備, 大家分工合作, 忙過不亦樂乎。

Everybody did his own job, also very willing to help each other.
人人各司其職, 也樂於幫忙自己職責外的工作

It took a morning's work for a wonderful decoration.
這天的佈置也很費心思, 花了一個早上來準備


As we must complete the preparation in the morning, close cooperation was essential.
因為衹有短短一個早上作準備工作, 大家一定要緊密合作



Fr Yan led us pray before lunch.

The stair case was where we had lunch.


In the afternoon, rehearsal came one by one. Every one participated actively.
Law Lan and Tony Kwong participated in the drama. The story was touching and brought the messages: value those who live with us and "Let Peace begins with me".
中午之後, 綵排一次又一次進行, 各人都積極參與。

Many shortcomings were found in the rehearsal. The sound system was not good. Actors, actress and singers went to the wrong positions, etc. After coordinating with different parties, all problems were solved.
因為採排時發現了種種問題, 如音響效果欠佳, 演員和歌手走位失當等,
但經過了各方的協調之後, 所有的問題都迎刃而解。


Before audiences entering the venue, Fr Yan led all workers to pray for the rally.
在觀眾進場之前, 所有的工作人員一起在恩神父的帶領下祈禱,



Audiences started entering the venue around 7pm. At 7:30pm the rally began.
7點左右,觀眾開始入座, 大約7點半, 今晚的佈道會正式開始

Candy and all other singers led the audiences to sing along.
The local MC welcomed the audiences and introduced the FOJP.

Then FOJP sang some songs: It begins with Him, Yoke, Coming Home, Conscience,
Each and Every minute, etc. The local youth sang some lovely songs also.
之後我們和觀眾分享了「由祂開始」、「軛」、「回家」、「醒覺」和「每一分秒」等歌曲, 而當地青年也分享了他們一些動聽的歌曲

Pin Guan, a famous singer in Malaysia sang two songs.

Drama: Grandmother was ill, and that led the family to learn to consider and respect each other again, also the importance of: Let peace begins with me.
話劇的主題: 藉著祖母的患病而讓整個家庭重新學會體諒和接納, 明白「和平由我起」的重要。


Ms Ko shared with us her own experience: how she knew God, hesitated at first and then assured.
講述她由和天主認識, 到懷疑之後重新肯定的經過。


Homily: Fr Yan gave an interesting homily which us to high atmosphere.
到恩神父講道時, 他的妙語如珠把氣氛帶上高潮, 簡直叫人拍案叫絕。


Let us pray: the audiences actively said their prayers. More than 2,000 people waved hands and sang "the Spirit of God".
在信友禱文的時間, 觀眾都踴躍祈禱, 全場二千多人一起搖動雙手唱出風隨意向哪裡輕吹, 埸面感人

Then Fr Yan led the audiences to fill the questionnaires.


All priests in the venue were invited by Fr Yan to the stage to bless the audiences.
祝福禮的時候, 恩神父首先邀請在場的神職人員上台,

After blessing, we kept on singing and dancing. Every one was in high spirit. All the audiences stood up, joined the singing and dancing.
Even the rally was ended; the audiences did not want to go. They took pictures with singers and actors.
The spirits of the workers were even higher and took a long time to calm down.
祝福禮後我們繼續載歌載舞, 全場顯得更是群情洶湧, 全都站起來一起唱歌跳舞
完場後很多觀眾仍猶感不足, 人潮久久未能散去, 紛紛找演員和歌手們合照。
而工作人員更為興奮, 看見觀眾的投入程度, 心情也久未能平復下來。


Workers took photo together; over one hundred people were involved.
The rally was very successful. As Fr Yan said, the more failures in rehearsal, the more success the rally will be.
工作人員大合照, 這天足足動員了百多人。
這次的佈道會非常成功, 也許正如恩神父所說, 綵排越是有問題, 正式演出就會越成功。


After clearing the venue, we all went for night snacks near the twin towers.
在收拾完了之後, 大家一起去雙子塔附近吃宵夜。






Something Special:
花 絮:

Why are you carrying a ballon at your back, Carlos?

Actor and actresses taking photo together, but how about Angel? She acted as the daughter.
演員們合照, 可是飾演女兒的Angel到底去哪裡了??

Hin Hin enjoys beating drum.
Hin Hin打鼓越打越興奮

What are these three guys doing here?