07 Dec 2004 - Malacca EV Concert 2004年12月7日 馬六甲福傳音樂會
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During the theme of bible sharing in the morning was "pride", and there were things that made us proud of ourselves. Fr Yan also said that it would be good to have talent and should develop it. It was just like receiving 3 gold coins from the master. You should use them to earn more, not to bury them.
早上的聖經分享的主題說到驕傲, 我們大家都各有驕傲的地方,
不過恩神父同時又說, 有才能是好事, 而且應該發展,
就像主人給你3個金幣, 應該要去賺更多, 而不是埋藏起來。



Venue of today's EV concert was the hall of Pay Fong Secondary with capacity: 3,000 people.
今天的佈道會在培風中學的禮堂舉行, 這裡足足可以容納3000人


On arriving Pay Fong, FOJP prepared for rehearsal at once.


The reporter we met yesterday posted the news of FOJP on papers.
昨天遇到的記者, 果然將逾越知音的消息登到報紙上去了

The rehearsal was not smooth. Yet we believed that the more failures in rehearsal, the more success the concert will be. That was our past experience.
雖然綵排不盡順利, 可是也就像以往一樣,
綵排越混亂, 正式演出時就會越成功。

The local Catholics made us some special local food for lunch: rice with coconut juice. It was very spicy.


It was almost the time to start, all workers got together to pray for the concert.
到接近開始的時間, 所有工作人員齊集在台上, 一起為一會的佈道會祈禱


At the very beginning of the concert, we asked the audiences to sing with us.
The audiences did not response much. Might be they need more warm up.
練歌開始, 一開始也許因為觀眾沒還沒有熱身, 反應顯得有點平淡。


Annie was the MC tonight. Fr Wong presented the welcome speech.
佈道會正式開始, 這晚的MC是Annie, 先由當地王神父致辭。

After singing some more old and new songs, the audiences became more enthusiastic.
Over 90% of this big hall was filled.
今天唱了很多首新舊歌曲, 觀眾的熱情也慢慢燃點起來。 3000人的大禮堂坐滿大約滿了90%, 好不熱鬧。


The local choir sang three songs: You alike the rising sun of the east, True love prevails and The laws of God.
當地的歌詠團為大家獻上三首歌曲: 你如東海朝陽、真愛飄揚和天主的法律


Augustine and Vineta acted as father and mother in tonight's drama.

Sharing by Mrs Ko.



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