THE 6th MISSIONARY JOURNEY 04 (30 Nov-14Dec 04)

Dear FOJP friends,

Please start getting ready (spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially) for the EV Journey 04.

The journey will begin in Perth (Australia, 30 Nov, 04 Tues), then it will move to Malaysia (2 - 11 Dec). In Malaysia, we will have three stops and a retreat in Malacca, the famous place linked to St Francis Xavier¡¦s missionary work. A short visit to Vietnam (to be decided later) will conclude the journey.

A more detailed itinerary is being arranged by the Malaysian preparatory committee. It will be posted on the Website as soon as we have it.

The theme will be: ¡§Let peace begin with me¡¨.

Peace is a very vital issue in today's world, and going for the second time into a Muslim country (the first was Brunei), makes the theme more appropriate. Relationship with the Muslim world is often tense.

What can we offer to the grave problem of world peace? We are not politicians or experts on high-level dialogue? Jesus tells us to become peacemakers, a messenger of peace.

Start thinking, praying, and then sharing your suggestions. If you have any new idea about the rundown of EV concerts or the script of a short drama about peace, please send them to us.

We have already some very nice songs on peace. We need more. If you are inspired, write melodies, lyrics (or both) and send them to us.

We, in Hong Kong will have our first preparatory meeting on the 8 Feb (Sun) after 11:15 Mass at St John the Baptist Church.

Let us start together, continue together until we will meet in Perth.

May God bless us all. Shalom, Shalom.

Fr Yan

St John the Baptist Church
29, Yee On St., Kwun Tong
Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 23446997

Feb 5, 2004