28 Nov 2004 - Set off from Hong Kong 2004年11月28日 由香港啟程

Today we set off for the 6th missionary journey which we have planed for over one year's time.
計劃了一年多的第6次福傳之旅, 終於在今天開始了

Before setting off, we prayed for our journey in the airport chapel.
在出發之前, 我們在機場的祈禱室, 為這次福傳之旅作祝福

After flying for 4 hours, we change flight at KL.
We held some group meetings while waiting for next flight.
我們經過了4小時的航程, 到了中轉站吉隆坡。
其間也舉行了一些小組會議, 充分利用了轉機空檔的時間。

We spent the day on planes and in airports.