29 Nov 2004 Arriving Perth 2004年11月29日 抵達柏斯 (澳洲)

FOJP arrived Kuching (Malaysia) at 2:00am, Nov 29. We have not sleep for the whole day and are preparing for our next flight to Perth.
我們已經整天沒有睡, 還要準備下一程飛機去澳洲的柏斯

Finally we arrived at Perth Airport wearily at 5:00 am. The Catholic Chinese community welcomed us.
在凌晨5時, 我們帶著疲累的身軀到達柏斯機場, 當地的天主教華人團體熱烈地歡迎我們

This is the place we are staying, a very peaceful convent, Josephine Convent.
這就是我們下榻的地方, Josephine Convent. 這是一個很寧靜的修院。

We immediately went to the chapel and thanked God.
On this first day of the missionary journey, we were excited and very tired.

After breakfast, we went to a park nearby.
FOJP and the local team got to know each other, hope we can build up understanding and cooperation.
吃過早餐之後, 我們便到了附近的一個公園,
開始認識當地的團體, 務求達到互相了解及建立默契。


In the afternoon, we visited an elderly home in Perth.
到了柏斯的一所老人院, 探望當地的老人家

We sang many lovely songs in English and Chinese for the elderly.
All of them were touched, you can tell from their eyes.
感動了每一位老人家的心, 你從他們的眼神就可以看到了。

After then, Augustine brought eight of us to King's Park, a famous landmark of Perth.
然後Augustine帶著我們一行八人到柏斯的著名景點King's Park。

This was the most beautiful skyline of Perth.

In the evening, the Catholic of Perth barbecued with us. Carlos was our chef.
黃昏, 柏斯的教友與我們共晉燒烤晚餐, Carlos更充當客席大廚

The first production meeting started after dinner.
晚餐之後, 終於開始了我們第一個製作會議。