30 Nov 2004 - Visit Elderly Home, Prayer Meeting 2004年11月30日 探訪老人院、祈禱會

Early in the morning, FOJP gathered together for bible sharing.
一大清早, 我們便聚集在一起閱讀和分享聖經

The banner for tomorrow's EV concert was almost ready.

We divided ourselves into two team. One team visited the venue and arranged sound and lighting for tomorrow's EV concert. The other team visited the Nursing home for disabled Bristol hostel.
然後我們兵分兩路, 其中一隊去了觀察場地, 為明天的佈道會作預備, 以便安排完善音響及燈光。 而另一隊則去了Nursing home for disabled Bristol hostel探訪了一班傷殘及智障的人士。


We had yummy salad and roasted chicken for lunch. Thank you Alice!


We visited the elderly at Litter Sisters of the Poor Nursing Home in the afternoon.
Fr Yan told a story "A useless tree in the forest". The elderly showed good response.
They also prepared tea for us.
下午我們到 Litter Sisters of the Poor Nursing Home 探訪老人家,
老人家的反應都非常熱烈, 他們還為我們準備了下午茶。

Just before leaving the Nursing Home, we took a photo under a blooming tree.
離開Nursing Home時, 我們在開得燦爛的樹前合照

Later, we visited Regents Garden Aged Care Facility
之後我們又到了Regents garden aged care facility探訪另一班老人家。


Members of drama team caught time to rehearse before dinner.
趁還未吃晚餐, 話劇組成員爭取時間作排練

Since there will be a prayer meeting at night, we had an early dinner at 5:30pm. It was Alice again who made us a great dinner. Thank you!
因為晚上有祈禱聚會, 所以晚餐提早在5:30進行,

At night, we had a prayer meeting with the local Catholics at Holy Famliy Church, Como.
晚上我們在Como的Holy Famliy Church與當地教友舉行祈禱聚會

Sharing by FOJP.

Fr Yan reminded that every Catholic should evanglise.
He also told a story on Shanghai noodles:
encouraging Catholics to live and spread Peace and Love.
恩神父呼籲教友要做福傳的工作, 又以上海麵的故事,
鼓勵教友要以身作則, 將自己的平安與喜樂帶給別人。


We invited participants to write prayers for the people they wanted to bless.

Finally, Fr Yan blessed all workers of EV concert and hope that we will do our best tomorrow.
最後, 神父祝福所有即將參與佈道會的工作人員, 希望大家明天都能做到最好。

We then went to Augustine's house to borrow his computer.
We also helped preparing booklets for tomorrow's EV concert.
隨後, 我們到Augustine家裡借用電腦, 順便也就幫忙準備佈道會的場刊。


Something special!

Father, what are you do to Carlos?
神父, 你在對Carlos做什麼?!

If you don't want some one to hold your hand, try this!