Dec 1, 2004 - EV Concert 2004年12月1日 福傳音樂會
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It was early in the morning, FOJP arrived the Civic Centre, venue of EV concert tonight.
Everyone enjoyed busying with his job.
當日一大清早, 我們就先到達該晚即將舉行佈道會的Civic Centre,
所有人都各司其職, 忙個不亦樂乎。

Thanks to the local Catholics. They made us delicious food.
實在很感謝當地教友為我們準備美味的伙食, 讓我們忙碌之餘仍得以充飢

After lunch, preparation work continued speedy.
When preparation was almost done, rehearsal started.
中午之後, 準備工作繼續進得得如火如荼。
當大部份準備工作接近完成, 便開始採排了


Some volunteers came to help today. FOJP explained the program to them.
把握時間, 和今天專程來協助我們的義工們作簡介

Make use of every minute.


Before the concert, every helper got together and prayed.

We did not expect many would come. But to our surprise, there were about 260 audiences.
Over 80% of seats were filled.
之後觀眾就魚貫進場, 本來我們還以為會來的人不多,
可是入場郤大約260人, 差不多 80% 以上的座位, 讓人驚喜