EV2009- 25 July 09
Jakarta EV Concert



We gathered together to have bible reading at 6:00a.m.

In the morning we visited a traditional market and talked to a few Chinese – this gentleman has been immigrated to Indonesia for many years and now earns his living by selling rice rolls.

Look at these splendid colours!  Indonesians love to have colourful desserts. 

Bajaj is a very common vehicle in Indonesia. It’s just 7:00am in the morning but already so crowded.


Rehearsing with local performers to prepare for the EVConcert.

Only 30 minutes to go … the band is ready, audience is emerging… the venue (St. Petrus & Paolo Church) with over 1000 seats is filled up very soon … can’t wait for the EVConcert to start …
The local youth is performing a drama, the script of which was written by us … this is meant to help the audience to understand our theme – God is Love.

During EV concert, we not just sing to God, but also dance to our God.

The Priest in Jakarta,Fr.Cheung, introduced Fr.Yan and FOJP to all the audience.

We also have chance to appreciate an Indonesian song and dance



All Participants sang and waved their hands together.It’s so amazing.

Here comes a very important moment – after prayers, Fr. Yan invites those who want to know Jesus to come and receive a blessing…. the stage is filled up very soon …  

After the EV concert, we took a photo together!!