EV2009- 26 July 09
Jakarta Youth Gathering

On Sunday morning at 8:00am. We walked to the Trinitas Church and attend the mass

After the mass, we took a group photo with Father Cheung in the Church


At twelve, we began the Youth Gathering

The FOJP team and the local young people joined together in music and dance

One of the activities in the Gathering was call the Game of Life , which enable the youths to understand that love is needed to be share

Christin from the Local community, who appreciate the passion of the FOJP, drew her to think about passing the words of God in the daily life, and at the same time trying to understand the meaning of missionary

Local youths share their story of searching God with everyone

We record our music video in the open yield of a Catholic church with Chinese building style

In the market of China Town in Jakarta, we meet an oversea Chinese reviewing his life in Indonesia

At night, we introduced our mission of FOJP to the Bishop of Jakarta in the Jakarta Cathedral

The group photos with the bishop