EV2009- 27 July 09

We took a few hours by coach to visit an Elderly Home - this lady's singing is just lovely!

This 80 year old lady cannot see or hear but she still trusts and thanks HIM always.

This old man shares with us his faith in Him - though strongly opposed by his family, he insisted to seek and follow Jesus.

We filmed our theme song in front of a beautiful hill outside the Elderly Home.

We then visit the Carmelite of St. Elijah - the Church there can accommodate almost 5000 people.

We were invited to a big feast offered by the Local Chinese Communities.

We enjoy singing with the local youth so much.

Group photo with the Local Chinese Communities íK
it's so difficult to say farewell after all these wonderful encounters.

The local youth joins us for the daily late night sharing íK
everyone is touched to hear all the heart-felt sharings íK