EV2009- 1 August 09
Manila EV Concert

We started our day with the daily Mass, followed by fasting - we only had bread and water for breakfast.

Behind-the-scene heroes
the sound and lighting team.

We did our own stage backdrop!

One of our members felt sick at the beginning of the concert. The other members immediately brought her a cup of warm water.

We prayed together for the success of the EV concert and for all the staffs.

Gabriel, who just arrived last night with his wife, was singing in actions with the local choir team.

The local choir sang a few beautiful songs.

Ronald and Myriam performed very well in the sketch.

The witness, Gladys, from the local team, shared about how God renewed her heart in her testimony.

Victor's performance as Jesus touched many audiences' heart.

This little kid also led the prayer during the communal prayer time.

All the audiences and performers enjoyed the praying time because we made his /her own prayers into our prayers.

Look at the sea of people, what a touching moment!

Fr. Yan first invited all the priests to go on stage. Then, he invited some non-Catholic participants to go on stage to receive the blessing from God.

The locals presented some gifts to us.

Let's take a group picture. Say "cheese"!