EV2009- August 2, 09
Manila Youth Gathering

Daily morning bible sharing

Vitamins B(o), C(andy) and D(ick)

Candy has to leave the missionary journey one day earlier íK the first time ever íK

5 priests concelebrated Sunday Mass with Bishop Jaucin at Lorenzo Missionary Institute

Group photo with Bishop Jaucin and Fr. Charlton (an SVD priest serving in Hong Kong)

Andrew, are you serious when you say you wanted to be the future Pope? Heeeee íK

A welcoming note before lunch and youth gathering by Msgr Bong Lo, rector of the Lorenzo Mission Institute

Yummy íK

The two MCs for the Youth Gathering

We started with interesting action songs - sugar dance íK

Local Youth perform for us

We can reflect God's love on us through these games and group sharing

They all love to sing this song with actions: Talitha-kuomíK especially the LMI seminarians

Look at these "charming" guys íK showing off gifts offered by the local communities.

LMI served us with another BIG feast íK last dinner in Manila íK

Group photo with Msgr Bong Lo , Fr. Feng and all the LML seminarians.

We have a lot to share after the Youth Gathering

Sky has got mail from íK???