EV2009- 30 July 09
Manila Prayer Gathering

We went to Chinatown and
met some school children.

Fr. Yan played with the kindergarten
children during the school visit.

We interviewed a hawker in Chinatown.

We also met Mr. Tsang, who has been living in the Philippines for over 60 years, owns a supermarket at Chinatown.

We had a mini youth gathering at St. Peter the Apostle
Church and attracted some school children to join us.

The FOJP group were split into two groups: the shooting group went to
different parts of the city to shoot and the rest stayed at the St. Jude shrine.

Our retreat started at 7 :30. The audiences did the actions with us. It was a happy occasion.

After the school gathering, we went back to LMI and shared with the seminarians.