EV2009- 31 July 09

We started our day with a bible sharing session.

We went to the Chapel of Eucharistic Lord for our daily Mass. The chapel was located at the Megamall.

Msger Esteban U. Lo introduced us the history of the new chapel. The chapel could accommodate up to 2000 people.

After touring the chapel, we had another sharing in the old chapel. We shared about the work of evangelization in Europe.

We attended Mass in the chapel. Fr. Yan and Msger Esteban U. Lo are the co-celebrants.

We arrived at the Delia Tetreault Arts and Sports Centre for our rehearsal.

The school staff prepared us a delicious meal!

We finally met the local team members and had our production meeting. We introduced ourselves to each other and we went over the rundown in details.

The local choir members had their first rehearsal on stage.