EV2011- 31 July 2011
Milan EV Concert

Many got up early before breakfast to prepare the backdrop for tonight's EV concert.

Our daily morning prayer prepares us for the day's work. Today we shared our thoughts and experiences on "The Feeding of the Five Thousand".
Angelina from Remini, Italy also joined us in our bible sharing.

After breakfast, everyone promptly return to preparing for the concert including our "Made By FOJP" backdrop.

Lunch time already! We all work for the EV concert and contribute ourselves in different ways.
The local Chinese parishioners worked tirelessly to prepare delicious and sumptuous lunches for us. Bona Appetite!

Time is short, with the concert starting in the early evening; everyone concentrated his energy on a quick rehearsal.

The concert started at 5PM, which overlapped the 6PM mass. Some Italian parishioners who came for the mass stayed for the concert instead.

Our short sketch showed that without harmony, both parties will suffer the consequences of the conflict.

The concert music was heard from afar broadcasted by the outdoor speakers, which help draw some curious people to the church.

Local parishioner, Ms. Jia shared her God's work in her experiences living
in Milan with us in Putonghua and Italian.

Fr. Yan spoke Italian to explain to the non-Chinese the messages of our songs, sketches, and dance.

Everyone participated in the communion prayer.

All the priests who came to the concert gave us the final blessings

The parish priest and the local Chinese parishioners gave us a souvenir.

We celebrated with a late dinner.

We concluded our day with our daily sharing and evaluation. Some local parishioner bought us Gelato for dessert.