EV2011- 26 July 2011
Hong Kong Paris

We arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport by 7pm. We went to the Praying Room after we finished all the check-in processes.

We prayed in the Airport Chapel as usual. We shared how evangelization endures friendship and blessed each other before starting our journey.

Group photo before departing Hong Kong. Many of them are old friends of FOJP. They came to show their support.

When we arrived at Amsterdam Airport, waiting for transition to Paris, we made use of the time and organized a production meeting.

EV2011- 27 July 2011

We were warmly welcomed by the local Chinese Catholic community when we arrived at the Arrival Gate in Paris. Due to an unknown incident, the local police has shutdown the car park which delayed our journey.

Finally when we arrived at the Eglise Notre Dame de Chine, a Chinese parish, they introduced to us the history of the church, and the recent living situation of the Chinese community.

After lunch, we were divided into 4 groups. Each group visited a local Chinese family. One group met a couple from Vietnam, sharing their story; in return we shared our song, God is Love, with them. Another group met the parents of Mr Wang, a very warm-hearted Catholic. Although not all of his family members are Catholics, they are all blessed by Mother of Loudres. A separate group indeed went to the venue and prepare for the Friday EV concert, Eglise Sainte Elisabeth, with the help from the Polish parish priest .

To further promote the EV Concert, we all then grouped together and distributed leaflets in the local Chinese community, and sung songs from FOJP their outside the shops.

We then enjoyed an even great dinner prepared by Eglise de Notre Dame de Chine. We had the first production meeting with the local team and met some of the performers. They all looked very excited.