EV2011- 29 July 2011
Paris EV Concert

The flyers and invitations were placed in the church venue where the concert is being held.

All performers getting ready for the concert.


We all gathered together for a final prayer before the concert began.

All participants were very excited and were active in joining in the action songs. Even the non-Chinese speakers danced to the action songs.

The Chinese Catholics gave their full support to the EV concert.
The local performers composed a Chinese rap just for this occasion.

The local Catholic witness, Ah Ling, talked about
her experience on becoming a Catholic in France.

Fr. Yan gave his talk after the first part of the concert.


All the priests who came to the concert were invited to join Fr. Yan on stag to give the final blessing.

The participants were filling out blessing cards.

A final photo of all those who worked for the EV concert.

The local Chinese Catholics even prepare a late night snack for us for after the concert.