EV2011- 3 August 2011
Rome Prato

We left the retreat house at 5:30 a.m. We had to say good bye to one of our member who left us today.

We finally arrived Prato @ 10:30 a.m.

Fr. Francesco Wang and a couple of the local Franciscan Priest who give strong support to the Chinese came to greet us with the local parishioners.

The Franciscan fathers posted the letter from the St Clara sisters who will be praying for us during our journey. The Chinese parishioners translated their letters/prayers for us.

Fr. Francesco went over our 3 day schedule with us upon our arrival and we meet some parishioners who came to help out.


The stage was already set when we arrived. We also took the extra time to start setting up equipment and stage before lunch with the help of the local participants.

Some local parishioners prepared an Italian lunch for us.

After a short briefing, Fr. Francesco gave a brief history presentation while some local Chinese also shared their life experience in Prato with us.

We then split into two groups with one going out with some parishioners to pass out the concert flyers and one group staying behind to prepare for tonight's prayer gathering.

Before the production meeting, the local parishioners were enthusiastic about learning our action songs.

Dinner is Italian style.

People who came for the prayer gathering participated actively in our action songs.

Local Priests pray for the own parishes.