EV2011- August 4, 2011

Our daily bible sharing started our day with a spiritually fruitful morning.


FOJP with the local parishioners, the local Franciscan fathers, and Sorelle Francescane Del Vangelo (Franciscan sisters)
went around Chinatown to pass out fliers and invite the local Chinese to come to the concert.


One of our program run down for the youth gathering.


Bishop Simoni of Prato came to have lunch with us and joined us for the youth gathering. He gave us some encouraging words during our meeting.


During the youth gathering, the local youth and FOJP sang and did some action songs. Everyone enjoyed a fun and joyful afternoon.

¡uThe fast tempo of the action songs brought out the energy of the youth.


We presented our t-shirt and DVD for last year's journey
to the Bishop and Auxiliary Bishop.

We play the Angel & Devil game during our youth gathering.
Everyone is seen here following the appointed angel - Sr. Christina.

The main point of the short sketch - Heaven & Hell, hopes to leave the audience to contemplate on the parallel of Heaven & Hell and the love exists between people.

In the late afternoon, officials from the Prato immigration department came to meet with us. They explained the local immigration situation and welcomed our visit to the Chinese community here in Prato. We gave them our t-shirts to thank them for their support.

At dust, we held a small prayer gathering. We pray that
tomorrow's EV concert will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

During the prayer gathering, we also had Eucharistic Benediction. We pray that Jesus Christ will guide us with our tired bodies to continue the rest of our trip.

Our second production meeting, Fr. Yan reminded all the members to be attentive on their jobs during the concert.