EV2011- August 5, 2011
Prato EV Concert


After morning mass in the small chapel, we had a quick breakfast.


During our bible sharing, the Francisican sisters - Sr. Christina and Sr. Claudia, who have been with us for the past couple of days,
came by to take down our names so their community can pray for us.


Our first rehearsal began at 10 a.m. Everyone is learning to work together for the first time.

The local television station - Sky Network, came to interview Fr. Yan as well as took shots of our rehearsal.

Everyone is very serious and attentive even during two rehearsals.

The E concert began promptly at 6p.m.

Sketch 2 - Empty Bowl "What is hope?" "God prepares everything for us before we have asked Him."

Bishop Simone took time out of his busy schedule to came to the EV concert for awhile.

The Chinese and Italians all pray together during the communion prayer.

The priests present at the EV concert gave blessing to everyone especially to those who are non-Catholics.

During the EV concert, some were reluctant to come into the church and stayed outside to observe.

The local Chinese and Italian parishioners sang an Italian translated song together.

Our dance - Angel with One Wing, is to show that we all need to be united and work together.

At the end of concert, small gifts were presented to us from the Diocese of Prato, the local parish, and the Franciscan fathers.

After dinner with all the concert workers, we came together to have our daily sharing and briefing for tomorrow.

Behind the scene photos