EV2011- 1 August 2011
Milan Rome

A morning massage before the start of the day. While the local community are busy preparing breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to Prolo for video shooting

When we return from video shooting, classes had already started. We had fun playing with the students. We also interviewed one of student about their school life and activities.

Updates of our EV Concert were posted as soon as we have internet access,

We interviewed a local teacher about the Chinese community and their relationship with the Italian community. She has been a teacher for many years in the University.

Following that we took the electric tram to meet the bishop.

We had our video shoot at the Cathedral's compound and had attracted the attention of many tourists.

Never leave without a group photo. We did a quick Window Shoppping!

Parting is always the hardest thing. Its time for us to leave Milan. Fr. Dominic Lau and the local community gave us a farewell send off.

It took about an hour to arrive Rome by plane. We waited for quite some time for the coach to pick us up because the driver had been to the wrong airport (international) instead of domestic one. Fr.Yan's younger brother also came to the airport to receive us.

Fr. Yan gave us a surprise. Before we head to Rome, we will be visiting his hometown in Capranica and have our retreat near there as well. All of us were delighted.

When we reached Fr.Yan's house, all his relatives were already waiting and welcoming us.


Fr. Yan's favourite place in the house is the living room (hall). In one corner there are several photographs, we were very curious to have a closer look for Fr. Yan in them when he was much younger.

Fr. Yan used to shared with us his childhood stories; about his mother and the Pine tree they had planted 50 years ago. Now the tree had grown so tall.

We were treated to a sumptuous Italian dinner prepared specially by a chef. It was so delicious and we had our fill.

After the passing of Fr. Yan's mother, one portion of the house was turned into a place for the sick and homeless children and their families.

We sang our theme song : " Tomorrow will be a better day"and "Talitha Koum".

We reached the retreat house. This house was designed and owned by Fr. Yan's late elder brother. It was also Fr. Yan's childhood place when he was between 5 and 10 years old.

After a short sharing, we began our retreat.