EV2011- 6 August 2011


Today we woke up at 4AM in the morning to head to Rome from Prato. When our coach left at 5AM, we got to see the beautiful sunrise!

We stopped at a gas station to enjoy a breakfast prepared by the Prato locals. It was delicious!

After a four hour ride, we finally arrived in Rome. Father Wu was already at the coach stop to welcome us. He took us to settle down.

After a brief meeting, we decided to head over to the local Chinese church. On our way over, we stopped by Basilica di San Pietro in vincoli . Inside, there was a sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo. Most importantly, we saw the chains of Saint Peter. Here, we had a short group prayer

Later, we arrived at Hiesa an Bernardino da Siena where the local priest, Fater Zhang introduced and briefed us on the current situation in the Chinese Community.

ó█aybe because the weather was too hot and we were lacking sleep, some one fell ill.

Father Wu prepared for us a Spanish rice dish for lunch.

After lunch, we went out to local shops to pass out flyers.

We went to the home of a local Catholic to visit their newborn baby.
Father Yan blessed the baby.


In the evening, we visited the Sant' Eusebio all'Esquilino to prepare for tomorrow's concert.

Both Agnes and Mary prepared dinner for the whole group using the groceries that the local bought for us.

After dinner, we had a prayer gathering.

At the end of the day, we shared about how the day went and also went through the rundown for tomorrow's concert.