EV2011- 7 August 2011
Rome EV Concert


Everyone got up early even if we only need to be at the church for Sunday mass at 10:30 a.m.

After a quick breakfast, we hauled all our equipment and supplies for the concert from our dorm to the venue, Sant' Eusebio all'Esquilino.

We had mass with the local Italians parishioners. They especially enjoyed our closing hymn of "Mary of China".

We began our set up right after mass ended. Everyone chipped in to help out.

Our stage before and after

After a quick lunch, we began our rehearsal.

Everyone getting ready for the concert to begin.

We had a quick sandwich dinner before the concert begins.

Fr.Yan advises that the Chinese immigrant should act as a bridge between the two countries.

There are about 300 people attended the concert. Both the Chinese and local community were participative during communial prayer.

A number of non Catholic Chinese came forward for blessings.

After the concert, Fr. Zhang treated us ice cream (Italian Gelato).