EV2011- 8 August 2011
Rome í¸ Hong Kong


After saying farewell to 3 members who are taking an earlier flight than ours, we have breakfast and get our luggages ready

Before going to the airport, we take a tour and have video shooting at the Coliseum and Arco di Costantino.

Fr Yan explains to us about Constantine the Great ~ the first emperor converted to be a Catholic;
countless number of Christian martyrs died in the Coliseum; the ancient walls reveal the history of Rome íK

Video shooting in front of the relics of a Roman forum.
A busker performing as an Egyptian pharaoh.

We just can't stop jumping!

Then we head to one of the 7 hills in Rome ~ we are stunned to see the panoramic view of Rome. Kids always get excited when they look at the cameraíK

Alson safeguard our personal belongings whilst we are video-shooting.

Under the heat of the sun, we are refreshed by the sweet taste of Roman underground water.

It is so excited that we can do video shooting on Vatican city - a place that we have long-awaited.

Fr Goh and Fr Zhang, who serve the Chinese immigrants in Rome, give us a surprise with some nice gifts!

By noon, we farewell another 3 members reluctantly ~ they will continue their journey by visiting other cities in Italy ~

Fr Yan blesses them to have a safe journey.

We are invited by a young Catholic couple to enjoy a nice lunch at their restaurant ~ they were unable to attend the EVConcert last night because of work íK

Fr Zhang has written us a poem ~ he is very humble and asks us not to include this poem in our report
but could not help because we all think the poem is niceíK

The couple's new born babyíK

Fr Yan has finished lunch early (as usual) so he
takes a quick nap whilst waiting for usíK

There is still some time before we should leave for the airport so we do some more video shooting on the Saint Peter's Square. The heat of the sun is just unbearable íK

On the way to the airport, we grasp the chance to take a quick nap.

We fly from Rome to Paris for a connecting flight to Hong Kong. We can beautiful sunset upon our arrival in Paris.

In Paris, we farewell a few other members who will stay overnight in Paris to catch their flights next day returning to the North America.

Claire is having fun with kids whilst we are waiting for the connecting flight to Hong Kong.

Our cameraman (Ah Lok) has gone missing when we arrive Paris ~
finally we reunited at the gate and learnt that he has followed
a different direction to the flight connection gate ..
Finally, we landed Hong Kong after 11 hours or so íK

Busy Hong Kong people checking their on their mobile once arrived.

Amery ( who took an earlier flight back to Hong Kong) and Alfred (who could not join us for the journey) have been waiting for us when we arrive íK
once again we go back to the airport chapel for a quick sharing ~ we end our journey by blessing peace to one anotheríK