EV2012- 12 August 2012
Kota Kinabalu (Sabah)
亞庇 (沙巴)

Sunday mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral with locals

Meet with the bishop after mass 親民旳主教


After mass, we split into two groups. 彌撒後, 我們分成兩組:

The group that stay behind for concert practice has breakfast with Jenny at the Church cafeteria.

The other group going to visit the Chinatown (Gaya Street) to distribute flyers.


We have breakfast and received Fr Yan's blessing before taking actions.

Chinatown (Gaya Street) 加雅街(唐人街)

distributing flyers in Chinatown

Rehearsal 綵排花絮

beautiful banner designed and prepared by the locals. 當地團體育設計的背幕

Rehearsal on one wing 綵排舞蹈

A wonderful band樂隊

Rehearsal on one wing 綵排舞蹈

Very serious rehearsal當地團體認真地學習歌曲的動作