EV2012- 14 August 2012
Kota Kinabalu (Sabah)
亞庇 (沙巴)

Retreat at Mount Kinabalu 往神山避靜 ~

We are told by the locals that Mount Kinabalu also named as Chinese Widow Mountain (Kina=Chinese, balu=widow).
The mountain is named from a legend about a Chinese widow who waited for the return of her deceased husband every day
and night on the mountain, who finally turned into a rock.

We got up early at the dawn and soon be ready for the trip to the retreat.

在前往避靜屋的途中, 我們經過Damat一處的吊橋,周圍更是美不勝收,阿樂當然不會錯過這拍攝的好機會!
On the way to the retreat house, we passed by a hanging bridge at Damat; looking at the beautiful scenic around,
for sure Ah Lok would not miss such a good chance for video shooting!

經過大約兩小時的車程, 我們到達位於神山山腰一個山谷的避靜屋,這裡被稱為「Bundu Tuhan」,意即天主的山谷。
After a 2 hours trip, we arrived the retreat house at Bundu Tuhan, which means "The valley of God", a valley at the mountainside of the Mountain Kinabalu.


Through reading, meditation, personal reflection and group discussion, we review our journey.

One of the retreat items was the sharing of Father Yan about the experience of his previous evangelization journeys and the hardship.

避靜當中我們也進行了守齋,通過只吃白麵包和清水, 希望在克己中更能親近天主。
During our retreat, we decided to have fasting with bread and water only, in order to be self-restraint and close to God.

We also get the chance to leave some messages to every members.

我們在下午五點左右離開, 中途又經過了一處可清楚看到神山全景的地方,於是我們把握最後的機會進行拍攝。
We left at around 5 in the afternoon, on the way down we passed a spot where we can get the whole picture of the Mountain Kinabalu, so we took the last chance to do the shooting.

After ten hours' fasting, we can finally enjoy a simple but delicious dinner at a local food court.

After dinner, we back to the chapel next to where Father Yan stays, continuous the unfinished part of our retreat, to merge our sharing papers into one heart.

In the evening we have the Mass to celebrate Our Lady of Assumption.