EV2012- 3August 2012
Penang 檳城

After sleeping for less than 3 hours, we get up at 7am in the morning and is ready for another day of adventure.
Daily bible sharing in the morning; it's fun to start the sharing with games on bible.

After the warm up games, Attar reads out the selected bible for today.

We then head to the local market and visit the Chinese living there. We wish to learn more and understand their daily lives.

We reach here to have some breakfast that the Chinese takes everyday.
We invited 4 of our members to try and guess what kind of cuisine they are going to eat. We found that there are many different types of yummy food in Malaysia. It shows that Malaysia is a multi-cultural country and people of different culture can live in harmony.

After breakfast, we start distributing flyers to the Chinese to promote our EVConcert to be held tomorrow.
Then we visit a small Chinese temple near the market and try to understand how different religions can co-exist with one another in Malaysia.

Visitation on an Elderly Home in the morning.

We sing and dance with the Elderly, who seemed to enjoy so much. We can tell how happy they are from their smiling faces.
After visitation, the local Chinese prepared some nice lunch for us. They show us around St Anne's Church and Stephen, a local Chinese introduced to us the history of the Church. Stephen told us that he works full time for evangelization.


Rehearsing on the prayer gathering to be held tonight. We have also visited the venue of the EVConcert.

We usually hold a prayer gathering before the EVConcet, asking for the Holy Spirit to grant us strength to serve at the EVConcert.
Quite a number of local Chinese came to sing and dance with us.

We have eucharistic adoration at the end of the prayer gathering. We all unit in prayers in front of the Holy Body.

Finally, after the prayer gathering and adoration, we have a production meeting with the locals.
We practised some of the songs and dancing with them; they enjoyed it so much! We all hope that tomorrow's EVConcert will have a smooth run!