EV2012- 6 August 2012
Brunei 汶萊

Arriving at Penang Airport at 5 o'clock in the morning to catch our flight.

We are gonna miss Jason, a local team member who has been giving us full support during our stay there.
臨別依依,我們眾人實在不捨得這幾天一直支援我們到訪的當地華人 - 世鎮兄弟。
An unhappy encounter when checking-in our departing flight.

Bible sharing and briefing on daily schedule when we are waiting for a connecting flight to Brunei at the Kuala Lumpur airport.


Enjoying a delicious quick lunch in the airport

Transit in KL to Brunei 在吉隆坡準備登上到汶萊的航班

Arriving at Brunei - thank you for the local team who picks us up and take us to the hostel.

Fr. Yan giving a t-shirt (with our theme logo "Road to Harmony") to Fr Arin, parish priest of the Church of Our Lady of The Assumption
恩神父代表我們致送印有是次主題圖案 (融和之路) 的團衣予聖母升天堂本堂神父Fr. Arin。

Take picture together with the local team and Fr. Arin
與Fr. Arin及當地團體的朋友們合照。


visiting a Muslim family and then we have dinner together


They pray after dinner. 該家庭在飯後誦經。

Prayer gathering - especially for the EVConcert to be held tomorrow.

Agnes and Donald sharing on how seeds were sowed on them when they first joined an EVConcert ten years ago.

production meeting with the local team

we close the day by sharing and prepare for tomorrow