EV2012- 7 August 2012
Brunei 汶萊

We started out the day with morning mass at 6:30am. Bishop, pastor and Fr. Yan co-celebrate.

Breakfast - Local parishioner, Mrs. Annie Ting, prepared the most delicious breakfast for us.


We visited Mr. Paul Young and his family, he stayed in South Asia for 64 years. We have a discussion about the life in Brunei as an immigrant.

Harmony with the nature



We have delicious chicken rice box and homemade chicken soup for lunch. All prepared by local Mrs Anna Ting, thank you so much !
午餐是美味的雞飯自製地道特色雞湯, 太好味了.感謝Mrs. Anna Ting 的愛心食糧.

Rehearsal time
Try to do the best, God will do the rest!!!