EV2012- 8 August 2012
Brunei Miri

我們一大早便收拾好行李到大堂做分享, Donald分享了他在佈道會中收到當地的音響技術員的心意卡, 他是一位非教友,反映出共融的見證。
This morning we did a brief sharing before leaving.
Donald shared about how the non-Catholic sound technician was moved by the songs and he also wrote a blessing card to Donald.

雖然大部份的教友都要上班, 他們仍然抽空帶我們去飲茶, 而且是十年前的同一家!
We go to the restaurant that we once visited 10 years ago!


包括蘇丹皇宮、皇家登基紀念館、水村、大清真寺、與及汶萊油田出油10億桶紀念碑 (在那裡能看到汶萊發現的第一個油田)....

The local people have arranged a professional guide to bring us to some famous attractions for video shooting, such as The Nurul Iman Palace, The Royal Regalia Building, Kampong Ayer water village, The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque and One Billionth Barrel Monument (where we can see the first well discovered in Seria Oil field).

我們和當地教友吃完在汶萊最後的午餐之後, 就要跟他們道別, 起程前往馬來西亞的美里。
We shared our last lunch at Brunei with the local friends and farewell.

雖然因為拍攝和交通上的延誤, 令我們比原定的安排遲了很多才到達美里, 但當地的教友仍然熱烈歡迎我們。
Because of the video shooting and mis-estimate on the travelling time, we arrived Miri later than expected. The locals still gave us their warmest welcome.

當地教友親自為我們準備了豐富晚飯, 鍾神父為我們領禱。
The locals have prepared a very delicious homemade meal for us. Father Chiong led the prayer.

We joined the Vigil at the St. Joseph's Cathedral.


禮儀之後我們和親切的李主教閒聊了一會之後, 馬上又為後日的佈道會舉行製作會議。
After the Vigil we greeted Bishop Li, then met the local people for the production meeting of the concert.