EV2012- 9 August 2012
Miri 美里

We joined the mass with local people. Their students join the mass together too.

After a simple breakfast, we then bless each of us by singing songs.

Local people joined us in the bible sharing session. "What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him?"
Fr Yan tells us that faith is the first quality we need before others; faith is our relationship and connection with God, work is the action. It is like that first a branch has to attach to the main vine before you will harvest a fruitful grape. 



We then divided into groups and head to the market area (Elderly Street) to invite the local Chinese to join the EV concert to be held tomorrow.



Then we visited the Human Life Service Centre which is a non-profit organization that helps unmarried pregnant women. They provide homes for those who want to give birth to the baby. They will also reach out and educate students about the meaning of life at school.

The local people brings us to visit the Elderly Home in Miri. We have presented some gifts to them and sang songs together. 





we then visited the Church of Mater Dei and say a prayer there.
接著我們到了Church of Mater Dei 教堂朝聖


The 27 members of us then headed to the Curtin University and met the core members of the Catholic Students Society there.
Their representatives explained to us the structure, events organized and the annual plan of the Society.
我們一行二十七人前往Curtin University與大學的天主教同學會的幹事成員交流及分享。

During the Q&A session, we heard from the local youth their opinion about the social situation in Malaysia.


The must-do event for each of our EV trip - video-shooting for the MTV,
this time at "the grand old lady" where the first oil well in Malaysia drilled by cable tool method is located ..

In the prayer gathering in Miri, we starts with a worship dance "The Lord's Prayer".

Singing a song "Who Am I?" in response with the guidance from God as in her sharing..

Fr Yan asked the participants the difference between "like" and "love", which is differentiated by giving or receiving.


On this night before the EV concert, all of us have rehearsals with the local youth.
One of the surprises is the song sung by a group of local youth.


Though tired, for the best of tomorrow's EV concert, we still have the daily evaluation and make arrangements for tomorrow's concert.

Still, it's just the beginning for the reporter's work after the day finished.
對報導小組來說,工作才剛開始 ~ 今天晚上輪到這幾位成員了...