EV2014 Day 5
8 August 2014
Vancouver →Ottawa
溫哥華 渥太華


Once arriving Ottawa, we are warmly welcomed immediately at the airport.
再經過四個半小時的航程, 終於抵達渥太華

The local community has arranged for some cars to send us to the Sheng Shen
(Holy Spirit) Parish, where we are going to stay and hold our EVConcert.

Nice bed prepared for us.



We gather at the church and Deacon Peter Fan introduces to us about this parish.



Breakfast ~ look at this fruit platter!

First meeting to discuss our daily schedule and get to know one another.


The local community has designed a very nice poster to
promote the EVConcert to be held tomorrow night.

Visit students attending summer courses Xinhua Chinese School.
隨後,又探訪當地的 "欣華中文學校",這些孩子正在那裡參與夏令營,大家都玩得很開心


The local community takes us to see this gorgeous Gate for Ottawa China Town and gives us a bag as a souvenir
當地團體帶我們來看看這座宏偉的 "渥太華唐人街牌坊", 還贈予我們每人一份紀念品

we take this opportunity to do video shooting of our theme song there.

Lunch 簡單而豐盛的午飯

Production meeting followed by first run of rehearsal.



Dinner … nice food never stops
晚飯時間… 主人家從不會讓我們餓著肚皮

Opening mass presided by Archbishop, we take photo with him after mass.
渥太華主教抽空到此舉行彌撒,並與其他信仰團體見面,展開一連串的福傳項目; 彌撒後,主教親切地與我們合照.


Donald shares with us his experience with Jesus.

After mass, we have adoration of the blessed sacrament and prayer gathering with the locals.

It is so nice to meet Paul Yeung and his group, Foundation of Love and Life in Ottawa.
We shall visit them in Toronto for a short EV Gathering before returning to Hong Kong.
原來多Paul Yeung及生命恩泉團體也從多倫多來了渥太華,我們稍後將往該地舉行一個簡單的福傳音樂聚會.

Sharing and evaluation before the end of the day
分享及檢討, 結束這漫長而豐盛的一天