EV2014 Day 6
9 August 2014
Ottawa EV Concert

We started the day by bible sharing.

After breakfast, we practiced our sketches and songs with the local team.


On the other hand, we also visited the Ottawa Chinese Seniors Centre.
另一邊廂, 部份成員出外探訪了當地華人老人院


Our concert started at 7:30pm. We started from teaching our audience the actions of the songs that we will sing tonight.
音樂會於晚上7時30分開始, 參加者進場後,我們先邀請台下的觀眾一起做主題曲的動作.

We have invited the local Chinese Catholic, Ms. Li Dan, to share the witness of our theme, "I believe therefore I am".
我們邀請了當地華人教友,李丹女士,為我們的主題 - 我信故我在作生活見証

Music Box - our second sketch, the dancer was trying to find ways to dance freely without any help.
其中一個短劇 - 音樂盒, 女孩正在尋找方法讓自己能擺脫束縛,無拘無束地跳舞.

We all pray together for the Holy Spirit

At the end of the concert, all the priests and deacons bless to the audience.
在音樂會尾聲, 恩神父,梁神父,聯同兩位執事為未有信仰者降福.

Our concert tonight was amazing. Thank you for every one of you on the efforts that have been made.
今晚的音樂會非常成功, 實在有賴各位的努力和合作.

Sharing and evaluation before the end of the day
分享及檢討, 結束精彩的一天