EV2014 Day 10
13 August 2014
Dallas 達拉斯


Today's theme for morning bible sharing: forgiveness

Breakfast after bible sharing

Set up of the venue


We quickly change the church setting to that of a concert, set up sound and powerpoint projection.

The hospitality team is busy in preparing gift pack and the front desk.

Decoration of the 'stage': and our members are so creative and talented

We then start practising and rehearsal from morning to afternoon

A nice lunch break

Donald our sound man found that there is not enough cables for set up. Fr Lin, the parish priest immediately drive him to get some …
good that we can finally make it
設置音響時,Donald發覺缺乏了一些用具,本堂林神父二話不說便立刻與他到處搜購, 終訴完成任務

One of the local members, Jerry helps to distribute more flyers to any Chinese friends he knows:
a garage keeper, friends in the first Printer set up by Chinese in Dallas, an elderly home for Chinese that he usually visits
包括;開車房的緬甸華人朋友, 在達拉斯第一家由華人建立的印刷公司,與及專門照顧華人的老人中心… 也讓我們認識這裡華人的生活

A 'light' dinner with very yummy Vietnamese style beef and meat balls noodles in soup
音樂會前的 '輕食': 當地華人為我們泡製美味的越式湯粉
More practice before concert

Ada is our youngest action song group member found in Dallas
Ada 是我們在達拉斯剛認識的,最年輕的小成員

We are blessed to have an experienced drummer helping in the band.

Participants enjoy all the moments in the EVConcert

Group photo with the local team

Teresa, the 'music box' dancer got hurt and have to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment
幸得當地的朋友協助,及早與她到急症室治療, 最後發現沒有骨折,真是不幸中的大幸

Fr Lin gives each of us a souvenir.
Grateful to Louisa and Anthony for all the kind arrangements during our stay in Dallas.
十分感謝Louisa 及Anthony在達拉斯為我們安排的一切… 辛苦了!!


Cake cutting for Louisa and one of our new member, Anysia.
剛巧今天是Louisa 和我們的新成員Anysia的生日, 大家一同切餅為她們慶祝
Our private little celebration with Anysia …
逾越知音也一早準備了蛋糕為Anysia慶祝 ^^

After the concert, we go to airport and wait for 6 am flight to Toronto … we grab every opportunity to practice