EV2015 Day 2
27 July 2015
Yangon ¥õ¥ú

Production meeting

In the morning we have production meeting with the local team. We talk about today activities and the details of the EV concert tomorrow.
We also discuss about the potential singers, the performers, and the participants role in EV concert. We invite more locals to take part in concert and also talk about the allocation of tasks.

Elderly visiting

We are very happy we can visit grandma and grandpa in elderly home. We sing together and have a good time with them. We learn some Burmese word from them, like ¡§minggalaba¡¨ and ¡§cesutimare¡¨

Visit the china town

We visit china town nearby and interact with the locals, we split into 2 groups. Some of us sing the theme song ¡§mission road¡¨ to the locals, talk with chinese people and invite them to come to tomorrow EV concert . We also giving EV concert leaflet to them.

Prayer gathering

Tonight's prayer gathering has created a strong connection with the Chinese Catholic Community of Myanmar. The participants of the gathering did not seem intrigued at first. However, as the songs began to leave their lips, it was easy to see that the connection with the community was electrifying. It was safe to say that it was a great star to our evangelization tour this year.