EV2015 Day 5
30 July 2015
Yangon Vietnam

In the morning, we have bible sharing before leaving Myanmar for Vietnam
Bible sharing session in the morning, we discuss a lot about “hypocrites”.

Sharing on the Gospel according to Matthew, "sign of the time"

Start and finish the sharing with praise and worship.

Sisters at CRCM prepare a wonderful meal to farewell us.

Then we set off for the airport and farewell Dr. Raymond. Thank you Dr Raymond Wong to your hospitality.
接著我們出發到機場,也要與Dr. Raymond告別了。


Leaving Yangon and arriving Ho Chi Minh
Meeting with FOJPs from Vietnam and Malacca...

Seems we have brought the rain to Vietnam!

Wong Ka Chong leads the Vietnam team to welcome us,
more members from Kong Kong and Malacca joining us at the airport!

Once gathered, we take a coach to Vung Tau, and the local has already prepared us a snack ~ French bread sandwich in Vietnam style ~ simple but tasty!

After 3 hours journey, we arrive at Vung Tau, and have a late dinner
at a restaurant run by Ka Chong's brother.

We check in at a hotel run by Ka Chong's brother which is located by the sea.
We are going to have a retreat in Vung Tau to pray before our mission in Vietnam.

On the first night in Vietnam, we stay at Vung Tau to have a retreat.
We have gathering and sharing about our theme
"I believe, therefore i speak"