EV2015 Day 6
31 July 2015
Vietnam 越南

We enjoy a buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Before we start the day, once again we practice the actions for the theme song.

We do video shooting on Jesus' shoulders!

We make a challenge to climb up the Christ of Vung Tau up on a hill.
We are doing retreat and video shooting in Vung Tau
in front of the Jesus Christ's Statue 我們攀登耶穌山。

Finally reach the hill top after 800 & more steps of stairs!

How to play the song for MV without blocking the camera? Covered up with trees?

We have lunch at a restaurant around St. Mary's statue
~ delicious traditional Vietnam cuisine...

Today is Ka Chong's Luna birthday, we celebrate together.

Hey Cecep, what did you do to Chow Sir and make him so angry??


In the afternoon, we have mass in a chapel located in a hill with a huge Virgin Mary Statue.
This statue reminds us of Our Lady of Sheshan in Shanghai…

On the way back to Ho Chi Ming City, we visited Mai Tam Shelter, a center for orphan and vulnerable children with HIV.
There we met Fr. Joseph Hoang who is the director of the shelter. It houses about 50 children, age from 10 years and below.
The kids are getting excited to see us; we play with them and are too happy to leave!
在返回胡志明市的路上,我們探訪了一所兒童之家 - 專為由母體感染愛滋病的兒童服務。

After 11 years, we are back to St. Francis Xavier Church.
Again we have a wonderful dinner at "home". Elephant fish...?
After dinner, we have a Youth gathering at the St Francis Church.
The losers of the game "angel and devil" have to do frog-jumping!
The youths love to interact with us by actions!
The Game of Life 遊戲「生命之旅」

We share in groups after the games.

Fr. Yan is getting tired?!

We have youth gathering with the locals, about 80 young people came,
we sing, we play, we share together.

After the energetic youth gathering, we have production meeting with the locals
and share group manpower and responsibilities for the EV concert.

Finally back to hotel.