EV2015 Day 7
1 August 2015
Vietnam 越南


In the morning we visit The Archdiocese of Saigon and meet the Cardinal.
We also take a short visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Today we rehearse for tomorrow’s EV concert

Ka Chong and Donald set the sound system together
家莊和 Donald 一手一腳把音響器弄好

We need to stay healthy during such a hectic journey.

Rabbit from the Stone Age

The Locals bring us many different kinds of fruits.
Cecep and TJ demonstrate how to open the coconuts
當地朋友為我們帶來很多不同種類的水果. Cecep 和 TJ表演開椰子

Prepare for the Prayer gathering at the church

Setting up the projector

Mass with the locals

After mass, we have prayer gathering to pray for the EV Concert tomorrow.